Zoro Zoro Cockroach Traps

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Zoro Zoro Cockroach Traps
Item #: 09-1615

10 boxes (60 traps) of Zoro Zoro Cockroach Traps for $46.00. Free shipping to anywhere in the United States. Details.
Product Description

Easy to assemble.

Usable Vertically.

Fresh attractant.

EPA approval required for resale.

6 traps per box. ?? boxes per case.

Made in Japan.

How to assemble
(Instructions on back of box).

  1. Bend side flaps as directed.
  2. Peel off protective paper.
  3. Fold down entrance flaps and place attractant in center.
  4. Conect the top by inserting flaps.

Where to place

Place traps in dark areas and next to walls.
Place traps in multiple locations eg. under sinks, behind appliances, in bathrooms, near trash cans.
Traps are designed for use with enclosed attractant only.
To improve trapping, do not place traps near other sources of food.
For best results, change traps monthly.

Suggestions for placing

Around sinks, refrigerator, cabinet and dark areas in and around your kitchen. Storage and bathrooms.


Keep out of reach of children and pets.
Powerful attractant and adhesive glue does not contain pesticides.
Adhesive is effective for one month.
Do not touch adhesive.
In case of contact with hand, use cooking oil to clean adhesive and wash well with soap and water.
Discard traps when full or when adhesive loses it's effectiveness.
Do not use product other than for indended purpose.